Asia Wiring Solutions (AWS)

Our entry to the green energy and energy efficiency infrastructure components is achieved through our strategic partnership with Singapore's Asia Wiring Solutions Pte. Ltd. Being in the traditional electrical components installer, we venture into advanced and green certified solutions. Our goal is to help our customers minimise consumption of their energy resources while making efficient use of what is available. Introducing following areas:

Sun-pipe lighting. Key Features:

  • Reduces operational / energy costs
  • Reduces carbon emission and bring down electricity cost for lighting during the daytime
  • The same funnel is being used at night for fresh airflow from the outside atmosphere
  • Functions even on rainy days

Scientifically designed and patented high volume low speed fans. Each fan is custom made to suit the local atmosphere. Key Features:

  • Reduces operational / energy costs
  • Assists AC systems
  • Quiet operations
  • Improves work place comfort
  • Improves work force productivity

Topps paint: Roofs painted with Topps paint enjoys a reduction of upto 25% of current cooling costs. Key Features:

  • Insulates ceilings from the outside temperature, whether heat or cold
  • Reduces operational / energy costs
  • Reducing repairing costs (water leakages)

Green glass. SageGlass is the world’s first electronically tintable glass. No more afternoon glare. No more shades needed. You can even choose which panel to tint.

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