If you can only buy 10 watches to the list of collectors is?

Rolex is now the most red watch is a black water ghost, the most representative of the watch is also a black water ghost. I hand this old Blackwater Monster 1680 single red ("single red" interpretation, see: "Rolex"), should be the early 70's works. Probably three years ago, in the Antiquorum shot down. The reason for leaving it is simple, as mentioned earlier, it is the representative of steel workers. Block 2: Rolex platinum ice-blue face Daytona Blackwater, the other representative of Rolex, is Daytona. So I will leave the second watch is ice-blue platinum Daytona. This watch is 15 years to Japan, the impulse to Japan to help find a friend, really found, in a medieval shop in Tokyo, Amoy back to the price earlier than in the country to see the price a lot cheaper, So I feel especially a sense of accomplishment, this watch for me, there are special significance (it seems that Japan is indeed Amoy watch holy watch fans such as to Japan Taobao, do not miss the "Japan Tokyo Raiders buy watch"). Maybe a lot of people will be more love replica watches uk PN Daytona, but I think PN di water too deep, leave the watch too much. When I first went to Japan to buy a watch, there are red to see the PN Di, but my friend (a very senior watch industry sources) revealed that the market to the majority of these watchs to leave. There are a lot of people love COMEX, but COMEX's biggest problem is that the market is basically assembled to see. I think if you want to buy COMEX, you must buy an original shell, needle, surface, it really makes sense. Assembly, and little significance. So in the end I chose to buy this modern section Daytona. In addition, the platinum material is more difficult to process all materials, leaving such a piece of platinum is also relatively valuable. Block 3: F.P Journe Centreraphe Sport aluminum alloy 1/100 second chronograph Then there are two FPJs. FPJ is my favorite brand, so leave two watchs. Like the watch because: first, is its technology, timing can be accurate to 1/100 seconds, is really very, very accurate; Second, it is aluminum body, including the case, dial, movement , All made of aluminum, is one of the lightest movement watch. Very light, aluminum strap is also very suitable for summer wear. The fourth block: F. P Journe Tourbillon Souverain Myanmar jade plate special edition The next piece, is the Myanmar jade plate surface FPJ. I heard, FPJ originally intended to do 15 such a watch, the results get 15 jade, after processing, only survived three. So this watch, it should become a global limited three friends. The brand was also produced this type of jade disk watch, but rolex replica no longer use the whole piece of jade to cut, but with two pieces of jade splicing, of course, slightly, two pieces of jade stitching beauty certainly not as good as a whole piece of jade. Block 5: Patek Philippe asked three The origin of this watch, but also quite interesting. Estimated that many people know that Patek Philippe has a rule that the customer needs to accumulate experience, that you need to buy a certain number of watchs, the Patek Philippe will be its high-complex watch to sell you. I know a large Patek Philippe VIP, when he went to Europe to help a friend with this three questions back. Did not expect to return home, his friends suddenly do not (because the price of the watch at that time probably to hundreds of thousands of Swiss francs). Then I just a dinner with the VIP, he mentioned this thing, I said, I always wanted a three-question, it is not as good as you give me this watch got. I think Patek Philippe's three questions, should be regarded as the watch industry in the luxury watch benchmark. So the complex functions of expensive watch, I left this piece. Block 6: Patek Philippe ultra-thin two-pin models This piece of Patek Philippe, Patek Philippe is likely to be the thinnest watch in the history, and I watch the origin of this watch is also very interesting. A few years ago, an Antiquorum rolex replica watches auction, because the chance coincidence to take this watch. Switzerland because of the time difference, usually have to wait until early morning. The result was that film when the watch, is 3:00 am. Coincidentally, that day I happened to have a meeting, open relatively late, home is already 1:30 am. I used to drink some wine and then sleep, idle is idle so look at the auction, I was listening to some of our big collector cover brother, said he wanted to make this watch, but I do not know why he did not appear that night. So that night, no one and I grab this watch, ha ha, upset by the bottom up directly! After winning the watch in fact there are follow-up story, we have a big coffee, has been chasing me to this watch. But I have not given him, and finally picked up a leak, of course, will not easily sell, ha ha! It is said that the market value of this watch 30,000 Swiss francs, but I was 13,000 to get the price. As for the reason, it may be a few years ago the antique market is not hot now, antique may not have so many people like, now, as if everyone is playing, in the study of antiques. I get this watch, it also sent back to the Patek Philippe Museum to maintain a bit, after all, is too thin or bad watch, so I would like to see this watch there is no problem. Later, they also back up the certificate to give me, and told me that the watch is no problem. Seventh: Seiko your duo cloisonne enamel maple leaf watch Japan 's Seiko your duo, from its movement Ye Hao, enamel Ye Hao, Ye Hao carving technology, and Switzerland can fully comparable to many masters. I personally have been very like your flower, but in this watch before I have not seen very tempting. Buy this watch because it was the first to see Michael (@Chinese 2) set a different series with the series, when he showed me pictures, I feel very beautiful. He said, there is a maple leaf is, I immediately said, you help me set it! Although this watch I have not seen even the pictures before, but I am a very trusting friends, Michael is also a very careful and aesthetic people, he felt OK, I apart from anything else asked him to help set the. (Editor's Note: This is the author of a single expensive flower, but according to the "Top Ten" is not wrong, we can see the watch in his heart position.) Section 8: Langer Owl Zeitwerk Striking Time After the Japanese brand, I think this seat should be left to the German watch. When Lange launched jumping owl, I set this watch in advance. Then less than a month's time, I was lucky enough to receive a phone, said this watch to the shop, and just set the guests are not, asked me not to take it first? I quickly replied, tomorrow morning came by plane. Then the next morning I cheerfully take the plane in the past, get a good afternoon watch back to Shanghai. I was the first to get the watch, of course, because this is the early years of things, although the back also took a lot more precious watch, but has been less than the year of pride and excitement. Section 9: Voutilainen Observatoire watch I will leave one of the works of independent tabulator Kari Voutilainen. Kari is really inherited the Swiss watch the ancient wind, how the Swiss before the watch, and now he is still how to make the watch, so his works are more worth having. This is the first piece I got the works of an independent watchmaker (FPJ I did not count him in the ranks of independent tabulation, why not? The next question in the 21 and then elaborate), from the order to take the watch Hand, probably more than a year's time. Because it is all handmade, and the use of all the old craft. This watch 12 points of the time scale with red gold, the other time scale is used in platinum, and the outer ring of small seconds disc is red, these are specially customized. In fact, 12-bit red, I got a little regret, then think about it, if made of large red may be better. In addition, I particularly like the feeling of this watch on the chain, not on the modern watch chain feel, really is very, very unique. Block 10: Haldimann H11 small three-pin watch The last piece, also left to the independent tabulation works. This is a revised Haldimann works, the old H11 is no small seconds, and later by Philippe Dufour (Philippe Dufour) to help modify the structure, Haldimann to make this version with a small second hand, while the disk and scale colors are also change. This is very suitable for everyday wear. From the rear can see the balance wheel in the middle, which is Haldimann original balance wheel technology. This watch also has a little story, I know to a small second hand version, in fact, how many pieces out of the watch was not clear (then out of the 20), not only did not show me, even the pictures are not , But I think this is a very interesting thing, so the first under the order! Then pay the full amount from the order, to get the watch, which lasted nearly 2 years. However, I understand the independent tabulation, their lives than we imagine the hardship, so it is the real situation, they do need to receive a certain capital, and then purchase materials; the other watch this delivery time is so long One reason I heard was that Haldimann was especially responsible, and after the first batch was finished, he was not satisfied with the shell and did it again, so the delivery time was delayed.