Learning Management System

XLMS Learning Management System

  • Learning Management System developed by Xentaqsys Technologies for administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of e-Learning courses.
  • Accessible through the Internet (Cloud based) or through the Intranet (Local server).
  • Local Time Management for user to see their last login and usage statistics in local time every time they login to the LMS
  • Faster Uploading of courses with maximum course size up to 2GB.)
  • Recording of User Data in a customized manner as per needs of the organization. Dynamic data entry fields can be created at the time of setup.
  • Graphical Dashboard for easier understanding and navigation through the LMS.
  • Accessibilty though two interfaces – Administrative User interface and Student User Interface.

Features of administrative User Interface

  • Allows the super admin to manage accounts, users, groups, courses and catalogs.
  • Activation/deactivation of accounts, groups, users can be easily done through the AUI.
  • Creating and Managing multiple accounts, User registration and simultaneous registrations.
  • Categorization and assigning Users into groups.
  • Uploading Non Scorm courses with relevant course information and icon.
  • Courses uploaded can be directly assigned to users or registration based.
  • Setting mail notifications for Users.
  • Catalog creation, assigning course and Users/groups to catalog.
  • Announcement Management to create and display messages on Student User Interface.
  • 10. Icon Management allows uploading icons which can be associated and assigned to a course.

Features of Student User Interface

  • Allows Learners to login using their credentials and access the course assigned to them.
  • Catalog wise display of courses.
  • Relevant course information such as Course Start, End date, Status of the course (complete/incomplete) and the time spent by the user on the course on the launch page.
  • Courses launched in the LMS player on new window.
  • Announcement Board displays the information set by the administrator for the Learner
  • Display of user information in the My profile section with the facility to change the Contact number and reset password.

MIS and Analysis

  • Report on the Groups Created
  • Report on Users
  • Reports on Course Uploaded
  • Report on Catalog
  • Course Usage Statistics Report

Future Enhancements Planned

  • To make the XLMS Scorm compatible, for Tracking and Bookmarking.
  • Interactive Classroom (online session)
  • Whiteboard
  • Discussion Forum and Chat room
  • Assignments and Tests
  • Offline Access and Tracking

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